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Another 48h crunch-working weekend. [via]

When you run your own business sometimes happens to work on also on weekends. Last weekend was one of them, but it was one of the most funny and interesting of the last years. We attended the Global Game Jam chapter in Catania, our city, hosted by E-Ludo Lab for the third year on a row.

The most important aspect of social events like Global Game Jam are people, and I was happy to find the number of italian developer and artists interested is growing year by year. There are many talents hidden behind the lack of communication and networking. It’s very important for us to talk with all of you, listen at your feedbacks on our work, and share our knowledge and experiences.

The Jam

The team for the project was formed easily and : Daniele Cariola and Domenico Gallo, from Drakkar Dev core team, Antonio Vinci, Chiara Madonia and Riccardo Bellistri. Antonio is an old friend of us and we worked together many times, whereas it was the first time we worked with Chiara and Riccardo, and it has definitively been a great experience! All of them are very creative and talented people.

The theme was interesting and open to wide gameplay and plot ideas (we love nordic mythology and culture… did you notice it?), but the point was clear: keep objective low and reachable. It’s the most important thing we’ve learned from our previous works and jams. Two days of hard word and a lot of fun. Domenico with Chiara designed the basic gameplay and created all the graphics, with the help of expert eye and hands of Ninni (this is how we usually call Antonio) to fill the images with incredible detail level. I wrote all the code and logics, while Riccardo composed the soundtrack.

We’re very proud of the work we did during this jam, even if the project is not complete and stable, therefore we decided to finish development and release it for your enjoyment. You’ll see it soon on your iPads, stay tuned!


[Drakkar Dev and 93 Steps]

This year we were very proud to host our friends Marco Pivato and Lorenzo Scagnolari, the heartbeats of 93 Steps. We had the chance to work together for the “Guardians: The Last Day of the Citadel” project, and it was a great experience, but nothing compared to an intense weekend meeting. Thank you guys for coming!

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